SCENTED TOY Penultimate

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Our ceramic scented toy dragon is composed of porous ceramic exclusively developed for fragrance absorption and diffusion. Once the fragrance oil is dropped onto the diffuser body, the aroma is dispersed into the surrounding area. Dragon vessel designed in partnership with Dmitry Vereshchagin. 

With notes of amber, pepper, resin, bark, and smoke PENULTIMATE is sultry beams of light peer in through the crevice of a dimly lit ravine. A single towering tree stands surrounded by red sandstone walls that have been coated in charcoal and ash; remains from a recent fire. Sappy wounds ooze resin through broken tree bark, filling the air with a deep sweetness. Sharp footsteps echo from the end of the deep corridors to reveal nothing but shadows.


12cm height, 10mL bottle
Ceramic vessel, PENULTIMATE fragrance oil


Composed of porous ceramic, developed in Grasse, France


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