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Engineered and developed at our atelier in Grasse, France, the PENULTIMATE REFILL CANDLE is filled with hand-poured vegetable wax encased in aluminum tray that's hallmarked with the brand's iconic butterfly wings and has a burn time of approximately 60 hours.

The PENULTIMATE REFILL CANDLE can be purposed as a refill or as its own individual piece.

To use as a refill to the aluminum candle, please watch the tutorial video and read all steps. 

Step 1: Set your aluminum vessel down on a flat, sturdy surface. Pour hot water into the vessel until the wax is covered but water does not overflow.
Step 2: Let the candle sit for a few hours.
Step 3: Once the remaining wax has floated to the surface and solidified, it can be removed using a fork. Remove glued wick base at the bottom of the vessel, using a fork.
Step 4: Slide the new refill candle gently into the aluminum vessel.

Vegan soy wax, aluminum vessel. Amber, pepper, resin, bark, and smoke


Aluminum tray vessel, developed in Grasse, France


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